How do referrals work?

Invite people to Phigit by sharing your referral link through email or posting to social media. It is ONLY open to sellers of digital advertising. Your friends will need to click the link you send them and create a new Phigit account and complete a purchase in order for you to receive affiliate credits. This will be applied to reduce or remove Phigit commission on your sales.

For each person you refer, there are two opportunities to earn affiliate credits.

  • Earn $xx when your friend completes a purchase as an advertiser
  • Earn $xx when your friend completes a sale as an advertising space seller

Please click here for the partner request.

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About Phigit

Phigit is the platform to buy and sell social media and digital advertising.

We have a dedicated team that want to create an environment where digital and social advertising succeeds.

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