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One of the most powerful ways to communicate to your target audience.  The social communication among people wherein they create, share, and discuss information in virtual communities and networks. Among these are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and many more.

facebookFacebook is the number one choice for many advertisers. Get the benefit of personal posts rather than the corporate method. You can also have one-on-one conversations with members of the group and they can like your ads and share them with their friends. With it's popularity, your ad will reach it's target frequently. It is one of the easiest ways to update people of your product or service.

twitterTwitter advertising is great to get the word out. Being one of the most visited and used app, Twitter has been described as the "SMS of the internet." With millions of users around the world, you can easily pick out a niche through Phigit. There are now 270+ million users of Twitter.

instagramSuits images and the younger audiences. Instagram also features filters to make images more appealing and they have recently incorporated 15 second video feature. With it's popularity growing among the younger audiences, this app has been an easy target for advertisers. It is also well known for it's usage of Facebook's Places (a feature that let's user's share their location with their friends).

linkedinLinkedIn for advertising to professionals. It is mainly used for networking among professionals around the world. It is also widely used by groups of professionals with common interests. Through Phigit, you can easily get in touch with the leaders of these groups. LinkedIn is also focused on job listings where people can research companies and directly apply.

pinterestGreat for where imagery is important. Millions of people use Pinterest to gather interests and ideas for their projects. With 70+ million users globally, advertising on Pinterest through Phigit will easily to the site's millions of hobbyists, vacation planners, and do-it-yourselfers.

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