Instagram zooms in on Australian advertising

Australians are now starting to see advertisements by paid sponsors in Instagram feeds.  Australia is the third country after the USA and England to have officially sanctioned paid content in their Instagram feeds. Facebook owns instagram and is continuing the trend to monetise their social media platforms.  Facebook has revenues of billions of dollars mainly from advertising.

Business-savvy instagram owners have been getting paid for promotions in their Instagram feeds for a while.  Phigit, a market place to buy and sell digital advertising, allows advertisers to buy sponsored posts directly through the owners of Instagram accounts. It allows for a level of authenticity that you get when the account owner, rather than a corporate, is sharing the content.

Instagram offers the opportunity to do a short video and use that as a commencial. Therefore, when using Instagram for advertising you should take into account he trends and the advertising effectiveness.  For coupons and special offers, then a photo may be appropriate. However, remember that you have short video option.

The advertisers named as likely to advertise using the Instagram interface in Australia are large corporates and government agencies.  Small and medium businesses should also take the opportunity to advertise on appropriate social media channels.

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