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Everybody now knows the importance of being found in search engines on the internet. It is one of the best ways grow your business. The are over 30 TRILLION websites out there.

Getting found is the key to getting new business. I have helped clients grow their business from start-up to 7 figures in annual revenue by using ONLY digital marketing.

However, many people have been burned by incompetent and dishonest people in the past. There continues to be many snake oil salesmen in the Search Engine Optimisation business.

Today we are offering a unique offer to Australian businesses and it is FREE. I will first talk about the basics on getting found on the internet.

SEARCH is how you get found. Google is the biggest player in Australia. Since the early stages of the internet, search rankings were determined by two main factors:

  • Attractiveness
  • Popularity

Our offer will make your website more attractive and more popular. You will get a report with the current status of your website - FREE. This report will have a list of things to do on your webpages to make them more attractive to the search engines. Most of them you can do yourself or you can get your webmaster or our team to help.

After the you have made your pages more attractive, your site needs to get more popular.

We will give you a kick start on this FREE.

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Claim a free website audit identifying changes to make your site more attractive to search engines. And also get 7 links to your site free when you create a page linked from your homepage with 10+ links to our clients. Please enter your details below and include your phone number.

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Phigit is the platform to buy and sell social media and digital advertising.

We have a dedicated team that want to create an environment where digital and social advertising succeeds.

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