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How do I search for publishers?

There are two ways to search through Phigit for listed projects:

  1. Search Bar: Simply click on the white space on the search bar which is located on the upper right part of the website just beside the globe icon. Once you have entered what you want to search for, just press Enter on your keyboard.
  2. Search Button: Click on the Search button on the home page of Phigit to go to the projects page. Once there, you can use the categories option to filter your search or click on the gear to re-organize all the listed projects.

Clarify and Confirm

How do I contact a publisher?

Use the messaging feature on Phigit to find out more about a project listing or the publisher before submitting a digital advertising request. To send a message, click Contact Seller on a project listing page.

Asking questions is a great way to build a rapport, learn about your seller's preferences, and set your expectations. Make sure to review the project’s description, reviews, amenities and rules to clarify anything you need with the seller. Please remember to keep your communication on Phigit.

Don’t get discouraged if a seller is not responding right away! We recommend messaging a few sellers before submitting a request.

How do I view and send messages?

The envelope icon at the top of any Phigit webpage will take you to your inbox. Click on a message to see your complete message thread. All message threads have a status.

Prices and Fees

How does the Phigit payment system work?

Our payment system is secure, reliable, and convenient, and we support several types of payment and payout methods.

  • Payment: the money an advertiser pays for an ad space.
  • Payout: the money a publisher receives for a purchased ad.

When submitting a request to a seller, the advertiser provides his or her payment details and the payment method may be authorized for a charge. If the reservation request is retracted, declined, or expires, we do not complete the charge and any authorization is released.

If the reservation is accepted, the payment is processed and collected by Phigit in full.* Whether the purchase is two days or two months away, we hold the payment until 24 hours after the advertisment's posting before releasing the funds. This gives both parties time to make sure that everything is as expected.

Phigit does not endorse cash payments. In order to uphold our Terms of Service, transactions must take place on the site. By completing your transactions on the site, the security of your funds is ensured, and you’ll be protected by policies, such as cancellation policies and the Refund Policy.

*Please note: long-term payments and long-term payouts occur on a monthly basis.

How can I change my payout method?

To edit your payout method:

  • Click your icon in the top-right corner of
  • Select Account Settings
  • Click on the Gear or Setting
  • Select Payment Options

Your default payout method is noted next to your payout method type. To choose a different payout method as your default, first add the new payout method, then click Options and select Make Default.

Note that using your chosen method will take you to the official websites of the  to enter your login details. Note that it is done using official PayPal API and so your details are in safe and your login details are never shared with us by PayPal.

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Phigit is the platform to buy and sell social media and digital advertising.

We have a dedicated team that want to create an environment where digital and social advertising succeeds.

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