Getting Started

A Central Hub Built for Social Media and Digital Advertising

Phigit is a new website providing targeted solutions for businesses through social media groups, blog sites, email marketers and websites around the world. With its fixed rate platform, Phigit is able to provide a simple and easy to use website for both sellers and buyers.


No two sellers are the same, so personal Phigit profiles help advertisers and buyers learn more about each other before purchasing an ad. Phigit doesn't display full names or contact information on public profiles, so the community can feel confident that their information is safe.

Posting a Project

From cycling groups to fashion designers, each Phigit listings is unique. Search results feature small groups with specific lifestyles, blog sites with thousands of followers and sellers with a ton of followers. Social media owners describe their site in detail, including the number of members and followers and more details about what they are promoting, and Advertisers review their posts and book a social media advertisement.

Trusted Services

Phigit helps make social media advertising easy, enjoyable, and safe. We verify personal profiles and listings, maintain a smart messaging system so media owners and advertisers can communicate with certainty, and manage a trusted platform to collect and transfer payments.


Phigit puts media owners and advertisers at ease with features like Positive Ratings and Success Rates. Sellers and advertisers also build trust and cultivate their reputations by writing reviews about their experiences after each purchased advertisement.


Our messaging system ensures that communication between sellers and buyers stays on Phigit so your contact information remains private until you have a confirmed booking. For your peace of mind, we've added reporting features so you can easily notify us if you ever feel uncomfortable.

Payment System

Our convenient payment system supports many currencies and several types of payment and payout methods. Phigit collects advertisers payments from the moment they make a booking and waits until 24 hours after arrival before releasing funds to the seller. This way, both can feel confident knowing that Phigit will process and deliver payments when a purchase is honoured.

How to Purchase an Advertisement


Phigit sellers share their sites in 190 countries and more than 34,000 cities. All you have to do is enter your targeted market into the search bar to discover groups, niches and blogs anywhere in the world.

Tools that help you search

We display photos of listings, sellers' profiles, and reviews to help you make informed decisions when considering a seller's space. For example, if you’re looking to post an advertisement about sports cars, simply type in sports cars on the search bar. Or if you’re looking for a blogger with 10,000 followers, go ahead and type in 10,000 followers.

Contacting sellers to book an advertisement

Once you complete your profile to give sellers a good idea of the kind of business you are, you can request to book a sellers space by clicking the Contact Seller, or you can use Instant Buy to confirm your purchase without having to wait for a seller's approval.


There are a few ways to purchase spaces on Phigit. Some sellers want to get to know an advertiser before they confirm a purchase while others prefer to reduce the time it takes to manage requests by using Phigit's Instant Buy feature.

Buttons to purchase on Phigit

The Buy button sends a reservation request to a sellers for the specific project. The sellers has the option to either accept or decline the request, or ask you questions about your advertisement. When a seller responds to your request, we send you an email to let you know. The Buy button immediately confirms your reservation, and the sellers may follow up with you, too. The Contact Seller button lets you start a conversation about their space and sellers preferences through our secure messaging system. You can use our messaging system to discuss details, request more information about their offer, or ask about specific ads they want to be posted.

Payment and confirmation

Whether you use the Buy button or the Contact Seller button, we'll ask for your payment details so we can hold your reservation. If you use the Buy button to send a request, the sellers has 5 days to respond. We won't charge your payment method until the sellers accepts your reservation. Once the sellers accepts, we process your payment and send you a congratulatory email that includes your receipt, trip details, and best wishes for your advertisement. If you don't hear back within 5 days, your request automatically expires. If you use the Instant Book button, your reservation will be immediately confirmed and we'll process your payment right away.


After your purchase

We encourage you to monitor your purchased ad space. If any issues arise, be sure to get in touch with your sellers. In most cases, they'll be the person best equipped to help you. If your sellers can't solve the problem, please contact us.

After you post an ad

Write a review about your sellers and their space so other advertsiers can learn through your experience. Your sellers will also have a chance to write a review for you, too. Then, pick the next social media group you'd wish to book and find a space on Phigit!

How to Sell a Space for Advertisers

List Your ad Space

We encourage you to share all kinds of digital advertising spaces on Phigit! Whether you’re small group with 500 members, or a blogger with thousands of followers, it’s free to list your space. When you’re ready to start welcoming advertisers, you can publish your ad space for the world to see.


Advertisers often search for spaces that meet specific needs, so accurately describing your listing will help attract the kinds of advertisers that are best for you. When telling the story of your space include helpful details about the character, activities, and number of members you have.


Photographs help advertisers picture themselves in your space. Go ahead and upload images, and make sure your photos are well lit, in focus, and representative of the actual space your advertisers have access to.
Pricing and availability

You know your space best, so we let you decide the price. We display your listing at the price you set and when you indicate that your space is unavailable, we make sure not to show it in search results.

Respond to Requests

Advertisers who love your space will want to buy it! On Phigit, you have the option to require advertisers to send a reservation request or allow certain advertisers to book your space instantly through the Buy button.

Choose who purchases your ad space

If you prefer to accept reservations on an individual basis, you can respond to advertiser’s requests as you receive them.

Welcome Your Advertisers

Once you have a confirmed reservation, it’s time to prepare for your advertisers! From informing your members or followers and setting their expectations, to messaging your advertisers and giving them tips, hosting on Phigit is an art form.

Coordinating Ad Space

Use our messaging system to arrange the details of your advertiser. Let your advertisers know when and how their ads can be posted on your site.

Being Available

While the ads are posted, be available to help remedy any issues that may arise. If you'll be out of the area, provide your advertisers with a designated and reliable point of contact.

Writing reviews

Genuine reviews are the cornerstone of Phigit's trusted community. You have 14 days to write a review and share comments about your experience with your advertisers. Your advertisers also has the opportunity to review you and your space, too!



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