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  • Twitter is now marketing its advertising in Australia.  So the question everyone is asking: How do I create Twitter advertising campaign in Australia and is it worth it?

    To help answer those questions, we share our how to guide and also share the results of some of our experiments.

    How to create a Twitter Advertising Campaign in Australia?

  • Australians are now starting to see advertisements by paid sponsors in Instagram feeds.  Australia is the third country after the USA and England to have officially sanctioned paid content in their Instagram feeds. Facebook owns instagram and is continuing the trend to monetise their social media platforms.  Facebook has revenues of billions of dollars mainly from advertising.

    Business-savvy instagram owners have been getting paid for promotions in their Instagram feeds for a while.  Phigit, a market place to buy and sell digital advertising, allows advertisers to buy sponsored posts directly through the owners of Instagram accounts. It allows for a level of authenticity that you get when the account owner, rather than a corporate, is sharing the content.

  • Want 100 or more free Facebook Likes?  It's simple.  We want more PR and we will arrange for 100 or more real likes to your Facebook fan page.  

    Here's how to get your FB likes:

    Step 1
    Write about Phigit on your blog (only owned blogs not free blogs like or Your article does not have to be exclusively about Phigit, just mentioning our business to your readership would be great Feel free to link back to any page our website, your listing or even this page if you choose.

  • Facebook has recently relaunched its Ad server.  

    Let's start by covering some history.  Facebook's ad server is called Atlas. Atlas was acquired from Microsoft about 16 months ago.  Atlas is aimed at competing with Google in the digital advertising space.  However, all of the commentators that are focussed on the Ad Server itself are missing the point. The introduction of Atlas represents a major paradigm shift in Facebook's vision of the future of digital advertising. Atlas can be a leap forward, but is has a number of obstacles that it needs to overcome.

    These obstacles are possible to address and FB remains one of our favourite areas for our advertisers to publish.  We recommend getting the personal touch of individuals publishing through the Phigit platform, rather than the shot gun approach. Click here for some of the Facebook advertising options on Phigit.


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